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Calcarea Phosphorica is a Phosphate of Lime. In Homeopathy there are 12 Biochemic Homeopathic Medicines that are cell salts and tissue salts. Calc Phos is one of the most commonly used cell salt.

Dryness of skin causes many problems it may affect your physical appearance and confidence in some way.Dandruff is normal in winters but in people who are suffering from it the whole year, they may be suffering from some disease & Read more…

Psoriasis is a common, chronic skin condition that has a characteristic clinical and histological appearance but has various clinical presentations. The severity of psoriasis ranges from asymptomatic thin localized plaques that are an incidental finding, to widespread generalized plaques. or Read more…

The action of Belladonna on the nervous system, especially the brain and special senses, is very profound producing- active congestion, delirium, and per-version of sight and hearing.

In using the term Fever as applied to an abnormal state of the system it is intended to designate a condition where there are present increased heat of the body, increased frequency of the pulse; elevation of temperature; heat and Read more…

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