Baryta Carbonica | Barium Carbonicum Homeopathic Medicine

Baryta Carb (Carbonate of Baryta) is also known as Barium Carbonicum. Baryta Carbonica is mostly given to the Children and old aged patients.

Baryta Carbonica for children

This Homeopathic Medicine works best for the short and unattractive child. Who are sensitive with cold. Such Child patients suffer from a sore throat.

Do You Know about Marasmus?

Nope! Then Just keep in mind that Marasmus is not a disease, Its a condition only. When Baby or young child becomes so weak that we can see the ribs and bones actually. Such weakened babies are Marasmus patients.

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The baby patient belly is enhanced and desire to eat food is continuous after eating. But Baby becomes weak day by day. The main symptom for the BarytaCarb baby patient is that he/she has a weak heart.


Barium Carbonicum for Adults

As Concern of Carbonate of Baryta with Adults, It works effectively in Aged Patient cases. Such Old Patients have enlarged prostate Glands. There is a lot of Swelling in such condition, The Baryta Carb treats to cure the disease.

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Baryta Carb for Young age Patients

Homeopathic and Homeopathy Treatment always cure the diseases in young patients. Because they have strong Immune power system. In case of Baryta carb’s young patient have stomach disorder.

They have dyspepsia. But it is due to Night Fall, Semen, and Sperm. They have Heart Sinking and increase in heartbeat too.

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Baryta Carbonica Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment for Quinsy is Also Baryta Carbonica.

In this condition, patients suffer from severe Flu. Pus is starting to grow in the prostate Glands. While the patient isn’t able to swallow and Eat anything. The Patient can only intake drinks and liquid food only.

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Because Homeopathic Bratya Carb Remedy works for all glands of the body. So, If there is any Gland in any part of patient’s body. Then this homeopathy medicine can cure. Such as,

  • Neck Glands
  • Glands of Throat

Common Conditions for Barium Carbonicum Patients

When patient go for the Urine and stool excretion, The moles of piles come out. Patient Doesn’t want to meet with the new and unknown persons. He also feels the bitting in body skin under sunlight.

Disease becomes worse in following conditions

  • Thinking about the Symptoms and Causes of Disease
  • By Washing Body parts
  • Lying towards the disturbed and painful parts

Disease becomes cured with

  • Patient feels relaxing in the open air
  • By Walking

Supportive Homoeopathic Medicines for Brayta Carb

  • Dulka Mara
  • Silicia
  • Psorinum

Antimonium Tart, Belladonna, Camphor, Dulka Mara, Zincum

Rival Barium carb Medicines

Calcarea Medicines are Rival and opposite medicine for the patients of Bar. Carb.

Baryta Carbonica Dosage

1x, 3x or 30 works perfectly and effectively.

Note: If this medicine gives only in 30 potencies to the patient. Then it can save from Diphtheria disease.