• February 19, 2019

Homeopathic Potency Selection Guide

The selection of the potency in homoeopathy is a very challenging task for considering the dose of the patient.

Today we will discuss How to choose the best potency for the patient?

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Homeopathic Potency Selection Guide

Let’s continue today’s topic of the homeopathic potency selection guide.
There is no specific rule for the selection of potency in homeopathy. The practitioner chooses the best dose of potency by using his previous experience.

But if you want to know what is the moderate potency. Then let me help you that you can use mild doses in 3x and 30 potencies. If you give that 30 potency to then we can call it the mild dose to cure the disease.

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But if the potency made from the nosode then you will not give it in 30 potency to your patient. In this situation, you have to use 200 power or 1M Doses.
Friend if you use potensi in 200 then you have to repeat the dose after a week. But if you try to give the high dose again and again, then you might face some troubles in the cure of the disease.

Because the repeat doses of higher potencies will take your patient away from the recovery.
But in acute cases, you can use to 200 potency dose after a day or so. You can give a daily dose to recover the health of the patient.

If you are using the 30 potencies then you can repeat it three times or four times in a day.
But in chronic cases, you can repeat the dose after a week.

Now let’s talk about 1m. If you want to give a dose of 1m to your patient. Then you have to repeat it after seven days.

But if you are using the CM potency, then you have to give only one dose. If you want to repeat it then you should have to wait for at least two weeks.

So friends in the selection of the potency every practitioner get help from their experience from the previous patients.