12 Biochemic Homeopathic Medicines-Cell Salts/Tissue Salts

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What is Biochemic Medicine?

Homeopathic Cell salts are Known as Tissue Salts too. In Homeopathy, these cell salts are called Biochemic homeopathic Medicine. These tissue salts are derived from twelve minerals, found in human tissues.

12 biochemic Homeopathic Tissue Salts

These twelve minerals are very important for our body to perform perfectly. Biochemic medicines are potentized microdoses of these 12 minerals. It helps to repair and maintain body health.

What are Biochemic Tissue Salts?

There is a total of 12 tissue salt compounds. Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium are very common. We can categorize these on the basis of different groups

  • Calcium Group (Calcarea)
  • Sodium Group (Natrum)
  • Potassium Group (Kali)
  • Magnesium group (Mag)
  • Ferrum Group (Iron)
  • Silica / Silica / Silicea

Don’t worry that’s why there are only six. I categorized these just to make it easy for you to memorize easily.

But first Let’s see what is the main purpose of Biochemic Medicines. How and Who Invented these Homeopathy Bio-Medicines.

Biochemic Homeopathic Medicines were introduced by German Medical Doctor Known as Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler. His name can be pronounced as Dr. Schuessler born on 21 August 1821.

He did his research on biochemic cell salts to find these 12 natural remedies. The results of his research were published in a German homeopathic journal in March 1873 leading to 12 homoeopathy salts. These salts are most popular among those, who are interested in alternative medicine.

Biochemic Medicines List

These twelve biochemic Homeopathic Medicines are

  1. Calcarea Phos (Calcium phosphorica)
  2. Ferrum Phos (Ferrum phosphorica)
  3. Natrum Phos (Natrum phosphoricum)
  4. Mag Phos (Magnesia Phosphorica)
  5. Kali Phos (Kali phosphorica)
  6. Kali Sulph (Kali sulphurica)
  7. Calcarea Sulph (Calcium Sulphate)
  8. Natrum Sulph (Natrum Sulphuricum)
  9. Kali Mur (Kali Muriaticum)
  10. Nat Mur (Natrum Muriaticum)
  11. Calcarea Fluor (Calcium Fluoratum)
  12. Silicea

Biochemic medicines consist of 12 basic salts presented by Doctor Schuessler. Which helps to make the body parts strong and work perfectly. These tissue cells play an important role in a healthy body.

Do You Know?

When a newly born baby crosses the 4th-month mark then Bioplasgen 21 Homeopathic Medicine eases the process of baby teething.

The deficiency of any cell salt reduces the efficiency which leads to disease. When our body lacks a certain tissue salt then with the help of the DR. Schuessler salts body functions will be on track to perform at the best level.

12 Tissue salts Helps Family to Cure

Homoeopathic Biochemic Medicines are very useful and similarly safe too. That’s why any person even children and adults can use this homeopathic remedy.

How to Take Biochemic Homeopathic Medicine Dose?

These 12 Biochemic remedies are available as dilutions in Homeopathic Medicines. But commonly its available in powder and tablet forms are listed below


As a concern with dose, it depends on the patient’s condition and the severity of the disease. Each case is different.

In Homeopathy healing process works on the Like Cure Like Principle. Read to know more about What is Homeopathy and How Homoeopathic System Works.

Dose Frequency

The following Guidelines will help you to find the frequency of the dose

  • Repeat the Dose every 10-15 minutes, Only in severe and Painful cases.
  • In 1-2 Hours repeat the dose but only in acute cases.
  • 4 times daily only in chronic ailments
  • Use Lower Potency triturations for suitable daily cases.

Mostly Practitioners recommend and practice using only 3x and 6x biochemic medicines, while only Silicea in 12x. It depends on the patient condition and situation to use the frequency and potency of the medicine dose.

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Biochemic Medicine List with Diseases

Here is the complete list of Biohemic Homeopathic Medicines with diseases.

Calcium Fluoratum

Calcium Fluoride is commonly known as Calc Fluor. Calcarea Fluor is used as Vessel & Elasticity Remedy. It is very useful for inner body simulation, especially at joints.

It is very beneficial for bones and Teeth. Calc Fluor helps in the baby teething process. It helps in the elasticity of muscles. Moles of Piles in Patients can be removed with calcium Fluoratum.

Uses of Calcium Fluoride

Calc Fluor is used for many purposes. Some are mentioned below

  • Varicose Veins
  • Loss of tissue elasticity
  • Muscle Strains
  • Tooth Decay
  • Cracked Skin
  • Injured Ligaments
  • Osteomalacia
  • Osteoporosis

Calcium Phosphoricum

  • Normal growth and development of babies
  • Restoring strength
  • Better Digestion
  • Beneficial for Bone and teething formation
  • Anemia
  • Lack of Blood & Imperfect circulation of blood
  • Bone weakness
  • Baby Teething

Calcium Phosphoricum is known as calc phos and calcium phosphate. It is very helpful for bone health and regeneration of bone.

Calc Phos homeopathic medicine assists in bone strength and proper growth of bones including teething process assistance.

If bones are weak and cracked or in a damaged condition then calc phosphate is beneficial for such patients. It helps in osteoporosis treatment too. 

Anemia patients, pregnant women, newborn babies, and children starting the teething process can get an advantage from this calcium phosphoricum homeopathic remedy. It also helps in strengthing the body and assisting in the process of weakness.

Calcium Sulfuricum

Common uses of Calcarea Sulph Biochemic Homeopathic medicine are

  • Blood Purifier
  • Execute waste products from the blood
  • Helps to reduce pimples
  • Cures sore throat & Cold
  • Helps in all conditions that are due to impurities in the blood

Ferrum Phosphoricum

  • Muscles Relaxant
  • Strength Nerves
  • Hair Problems
  • Helps in First Aid as an Oxygen Carrier
  • Chest Congestion
  • Anemia
  • Tachycardia
  • Intense Fever
  • Inflammatory body and Muscle pain

Kalium Muriatcum

Kali Mur Biochemic homeopathic medicine helps in

  • Supports in Healing faster after burning
  • Helps in better digestion
  • Kali Mur biochemic medicine for constipation
  • Blood Purifier
  • Sore Throat, Swelling of Glandular
  • Cough & Cold

Kalium Phosphoricum

Kali Phos Biochemic Tissue Remedy is commonly used for

  • Helps with Breathing difficulty
  • Increases Mental Health
  • Sharpens memory
  • Depression and Anxiety

Kalium sulfuricum

  • Aids in hair problems
  • helps in perspiration & respiration
  • Intestinal disorders
  • Inflammatory condition
  • Skin eruptions
  • Scalp with scaling

Magnesium Phosphoricum

  • Muscle and Nervous relaxants
  • Helpful for Muscular tissue
  • Menstrual pains
  • Stomach Cramps & flatulence
  • Nauralgia & Sciatica pain
  • muscle twitching, cramps & Headache

Natrium Muriaticum

  • Beneficial for Nutritions
  • Aids glandular activities
  • Helpful for the division of cells & growth process
  • Heartburn & Acidity
  • Toothache
  • Hay Fever
  • Weak Eyes

Natrium Phosphoricum

  • Reduces Obesity and Helps in fat loss
  • Biochemic medicine for acidity
  • Acid Neutralizer
  • Stimulation of nutrients
  • Stiffness, Joint Swelling, Lumbago & Rheumatism
  • Helpful in Acidic Blood Conditions
  • Stomach & Anus Worms

Natrium Sulfuricum

  • Helps in the elimination of water excessiveness
  • Ensure the acceptable quality & quantity of bile in the liver
  • Removes poisonous fluids
  • helps in the treatment of Rheumatic ailments
  • Influenza & humid asthma
  • Malarial fever
  • bitter taste in the mouth


Silicea 6x Biochemic Homoeopathic remedy uses are

  • Insulator of Nerve
  • helps in restoring the skin activities
  • Cleanser & Eliminator the fluids from the body
  • Reduces smelly feet & arms pits
  • Pus formation
  • Abscesses & Boils
  • Tonsils & Brittle Nails
  • Stomach pain