12 Tissue Salts | Biochemic Homeopathic Medicines List of Cell Salts

Homeopathic Cell salts Known as Tissue Salts too. In Homeopathy, these cell salts are called Biochemics. These tissue salts are derived from twelve minerals, found in human tissues.

12 biochemic Homeopathic Tissue Salts



These twelve minerals are very important for our body to perform perfectly. Biochemic medicines are potentized microdoses of these 12 minerals. It helps to repair and maintain body health.

There are total 12 tissue salts compounds. Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium are very common. We can categorize these on the basis of different groups

  • Calcium Group (Calcarea)
  • Sodium Group (Natrum)
  • Potassium Group (Kali)
  • Magnesium group (Mag)
  • Ferrum Group (Iron)
  • Silica / Silica / Silicea

Don’t worry that why there are only six. I categorized these just to make it easy for you to memorize easily.

But first Let’s see what is the main purpose of Biochemic Medicines. How and Who Invented these Homeopathy Bio-Medicines.


Biochemic Homeopathic Medicines were introduced by German Medical Doctor Known as Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler. His Name can be pronounced as Dr. Schuessler born on 21 August 1821.

He did his research on biochemic cell salts to find these 12 natural remedies. The results of his research were published in a German homeopathic journal on March 1873 leading to 12 homoeopathy salts. These salts are most popular among those, who are interesting in alternative medicine.

These twelve biochemic Homeopathic Medicines are

  1. Calcarea Phos (Calcium phosphorica)
  2. Ferrum Phos (Ferrum phosphorica)
  3. Natrum Phos (Natrum phosphoricum)
  4. Mag Phos (Magnesia Phosphorica)
  5. Kali Phos (Kali phosphorica)
  6. Kali Sulph (Kali sulphurica)
  7. Calcarea Sulph (Calcium Sulphate)
  8. Natrum Sulph (Natrum sulphuricum)
  9. Kali Mur (Kali Muriaticum)
  10. Nat Mur (Natrum Muriaticum)
  11. Calcarea Fluor (Calcium fluoride)
  12. Silicea