Homeopathic Treatment for Bronchial Asthma

In the patient of asthma bronchial, the small bronchial tubes get swell and shrink. So the patient feels difficulty in breathing. When he breaths out there is a voice of whistle.

Homeopathy for Asthma Bronchial

The patient of asthma bronchial is commonly the victim of difficulty in breathing. Learn More About What is Homeopathy and How it Works.

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Symptoms of Bronchial Asthma

  • The bronchial asthma patient feels suffocation
  •  Often feels difficulty in breathing during cough attacks (Asthma)
  • When the patient breaths,  there is a voice coming out of the mouth
  • Sometimes the skin gets blue rapidly
  • Patient pulse rate often increases
  • In the young girls and boys during he breathing the lower trachea gets inward.

When the period of asthma bronchial starts the patients seems in serious condition. But from asthma, the death may occur.

Homeopathic Treatment for Asthma Patient

In order to reduce the pain of asthma patient, we should give Aconite 30 (Aconitum Napellus)  and Ipecac 30 in every 15 minutes. However, for the best result patient can be treated with these mentioned Homeopathic remedies by mixing in water.

Homoeopathic Medicine for Bronchial Asthma

There are many Homeopathic Medicines to cure different disease. Following Homeo remedies for asthma bronchial patient are following

Aconite Nap 30

For the first Homeopathic, remedy Aconite 30 should be given with Ipecac 30 in every 15 minutes. Until the pain and
symptoms reduce.

This homeopathic medicine should be given to the patient when he feels

  • Pinches in the chest
  • Pressure on his chest
  • Cough with dry voice
  • Anxiety & fear
  • Fear of death
  •  Serious panic attacks at midnight

Aantimonium Tartaricum

Anti Tart remedy of 200 or 1000 potency should be given to the Asthma Bronchial Patient.  This Remedy works best

  • When the lungs filled with mucus
  • Excretion voice while coughing
  • Patient can’t be able to get rid of such snot

Arsenicum album

Arsenic album 200 homeopathic remedy can be given to then asthma & bronchial patients. It helps to control the pain of asthma

  • That increases in night
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Paitnetn has to sit straight for normal breath

Such patients have a terrible voice. Especially when they breaths out. Instead of the voice difficulty they

  • Feel irritation in chest
  • Mucus with Bubbles
  • behave with more anger
  • Anxious about the situation
  • Intense worrying about death
  • Cold & sweating,
  • Become asthma patient after pneumonia


Homeopathic medicine Belladona can treat such patients who

  • feels stretching in chest and throat along with the pain of asthma
  • has difficulty in breathing
  • Moaning (crying) with every breath

We can give belladonna 200 to these patients. In such patient pain level increases suddenly.

Calcarea Carbonica

Those patients who feel difficulty in breathing and pressure on the chest can cure with this homeopathic remedy calcium carbonicum 30.

Carbo veg

Carbo veg 200 Homeo Remedy should be given to such patient who is old age and having asthma. Along these symtoms other symptoms are  including

  • Weak body
  • Blue skin
  • Acidity problem
  • Poor digestion

Cuprum Metallicum

This Homoeopathic Medicine can be given to such patient who has

  • Asthma with spasm
  • Vomit with the shock
  • Pressure on chest with spew
  • the skin of the patient turn blue
  • his eyes climb up
  • colour of nails fades up

In Asthma with these conditions, we can give Cuprum Metall 200 to the patient.


Dulcamara 200 homeopathic remedy can cure such patient who has less cough with mucus.


Durig intense period of asthma attacks. We have to give Aconite 30 and Ipecac 30 one by one. These two medicines should be given to the patient after 15 minutes. Repeat these medicines until the condition becomes normal.

After the intense asthma attack period is over, Patient should be continuously treated with Ipecac 200. Still, the symptoms are not treated too.

The Homeopathic remedy Ipecac’s patient does vomit before and after the formation of mucus. We can listen that Patient also has the whistle voice when he breathes out. He continuously cough and the mucus also comes out with a cough.


Lachesis Homeopathic medicine is given to such patients having a sudden increase in the flow of blood. This increases in warm temperature only.

Such a patient wants to lose clothes because of suffocation. Because of stretched chest feeling and cold sweating.

Kali Sulph

Kali Sulph Medicine is given to such patient who has symptoms of bronchial asthma with mucus. There is a voice of mucus coming from the chest.


Lycopodium 200 medicine works best for the patients having anger and rude behavior. This may cause asthma to anxiety nervous patients. Such patient

  • Feels cold all the time
  • Gets tired very early
  • They also feels irritation in alime (khoorak ki nali).