The normal skin is smooth, presenting a slightly oily surface, and free from the extremes of color, heat or [...]

Veratrum Album is the homeopathic remedy. It is also known as White Hellebore.

ANTIMONIUM CRUDE does not often use, but when it is indicated by some very marked characteristics no other [...]

Aswagandha is homeopathic medicine is used to empower the brain.  It works best if the central nervous system [...]

Table of Contents0.1 Arnica Cream0.2 Arnica Cream1 Arnica Cream Major Indications1.1 Cantharis Burns Cream1.2 [...]

Communicable Diseases are those diseases which transfer from one person to another. Communicable Diseases are [...]

Homeopathic Remedies are the best cure for any diseases, cause or problem. Anyone can cure their disease without [...]