Do you want to know more about Homeopathic Medicines? Then you are at the right place.

You might wonder that the best way to know more about homeopathy is by experience. Many Homeopaths start practicing now because they experienced positive results while they use homeopathic remedies.

Top 15 Most Important Homeopathic Remedies List 1

Here we will discuss about the Top Best 15 Most Important Homeopathic Remedies List to help you with the basic symptoms of Homoeopathic remedies and cure of different diseases.

Aconite Napellus

Aconite can be used in emergency cases. This homeopathic medicine can be used for every disease but at its initial stage of symptoms. Sudden problems and diseases can be cured with this homeopathic medicine.


Arnica is very beneficial in strains, sprains and bruises conditions. This medicine helps if the patient suffers from severe rheumatic pain in joints, muscles, and pain in other body parts.

Common uses of Arnica are

  • Joint Pain
  • Muscular Pain
  • Sprain
  • Bruises
  • Muscle Soreness
  • Cramps & Muscle Spasm
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle Ache
  • Arthritis

Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum Album is commonly used by homeopathy for the cure of different diseases. Arsenic album patient feels the thirst for water again and again and burning sensation in the body. Common Arsenicum Album uses are


It helps in inflammation with redness in any part of the body. Belladonna can be used during headache & periodic pain in the body parts

Bryonia Alba

The Bryonia Album specific symptom is that the patient drinks a glass of water every time and still Feels thirst again and again.

Do remember that the Patient’s symptoms get better with the rest, hard pressure, and cold application while symptoms get worse with the movement.


Although one of our newer remedies, it has taken its place among those most used in daily practice. To be thought of in colds, and such diseases as are characterized by weakness bruised sensation in the muscles, vertigo, and dull headache which may be accompanied by chilliness or fever but without the thirst of Aconite.

Certain forms of coryza which cause soreness of the eyeballs and heaviness of the lids. Primarily its action is centered upon the brain and spinal cord and its successful use in some of the most fatal epidemics of cerebrospinal meningitis has placed it in the first rank of homeopathic remedies. The fever of Gelsemium is generally without thirst.

Carbo Veg

A remedy in its action corresponding to the last stage of various diseases which threaten a fatal termination, with symptoms of faintness and general collapse.

It may follow after severe hemorrhage in typhoid fever, pneumonia, or cholera. It corresponds to a low type, with a feeble pulse, cold, livid surfaces yet a constant craving for cold air and to be fanned. To be thought of in indigestion in connection with Pulsatilla, or Lycopodium.


Chamomilla is basically babies’ medicine. But it can be used for diseases that are lower intensity. Chamomilla homeopathic remedy can be used for various purposes

Calcarea Phos

Calc Phos is biochemic Homeopathic Medicine from 12 Tissue salts or cell salts. Calcarea Phosphorica is basically used for bones strength and teeth extraction in babies.

Common Uses of Calc Phos homeopathic medicine are



Nux Vomica



Rhus Tox