Bioplasgen 21 Tablets for Baby Teething

The Bioplasgen 21 Combination of Biochemic Homeopathic Medicines can be used to treat babies who are experiencing teething difficulties and gum problems.

Tablets of Bio 21 are used throughout the world for treating different types of illnesses. The homoeopathic tablets Bioplasgen 21 are often prescribed by homeopaths for use on a daily basis.

Bioplasgen 21 Homeopathic Medicine - Bio 21 Tablets for Baby Teething

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Bioplasgen 21 Tablet Uses

When infants reach the age of 4 months, they begin to experience teething problems. The baby needs extra attention at that time. Many mothers become restless as well, due to their babies.


The Bioplasgen no 21 tablets are not known to cause any side effects. The majority of homeopaths recommend Bioplasgen 21 for newborns. Bioplasgen 21 is typically prescribed to babies less than four months old. 

Bioplasgen 21 is typically given to babies who aren’t yet fully teethed or to those under the age of two. Because it has a guaranteed level of security, you can continue to use it without any concerns.

Any Side Effects of Bio 21 Tablets?

People wonder if Biochemic 21 tablets are safe for babies to use as teething aids. Review of Bioplasgen 21: what are its pros and cons?

So the answers to these questions are Yes, Yes, and Yes. There is no risk involved, and it is entirely safe and secure. As of now, there are no known Bioplasgen 21 Side effects.

Here are some other Baby Teething Remedies. This article will help you as Homeopathy for Baby Teething.

Bioplasgen No 21 Ingredients

There are 12 Tissue salts / Cell salts in total that helps to cure almost every disease. Bio 21 Homeopathic Tablets are a combination of 2 cell salts to make biochemic homeopathic medicine.

Symptoms of Baby Teething

When the teething process starts in infants. Then they face a lot of difficulties during the teething process. These problems can lead the newborn baby to different conditions.

Baby Teething Problems & Uses of Bioplasgen 21 tablets

Actually when a child starts the teething process, might have to face a lot of worse conditions on a daily basis. It’s mostly due to the difficult process of teething. Commons Problems are

Bioplasgen 21 Dosage

If the child is starting the teething process or the baby is between 4-6 months, you can give two tablets of Bio 21 homoeopathic medicine thrice a day. But If the baby is above the age of 6 months, then 2-4 tablets four times a day.

Is Bio 21 Safe For Babies?

Yes, of course, Bio 21 Tablets Are Safe for Babies and Infants. Because Biochemic 21 Is Made From Two Biochemic Homeopathic Medicines, the Ingredients Are Calcarea Phos & Ferrum Phos.

Is Bioplasgen 21 For 3 Month Old Infants And Babies?

Yes, Bioplasgen 21 For 3-Month-Old Babies. Babies can benefit from Bio 21 in a variety of health conditions. It is recommended to introduce Bio 21 at the age of 4 to 6 months in order to ease the baby’s teething process.

What is Bioplasgen 21 age limit?

In some cases, infants must be at least three months old. Usually, babies between the ages of four and six months are considered appropriate. As long as the baby has full teeth by the age of 2 years (24 months), Bio 21 tablets can be used.

What is Bioplasgen 21 Price in Pakistan?

Different brands of Bioplasgen 21 have different prices in Pakistan. There is a maximum price of 365 for Schwabe, 235 for Sante Gran De Vie, 160 for Paul Brooks, etc. Bioplasgen 21 Germany and Bioplasgen 21 UK are also available worldwide.