Dandruff Treatment & Skin Dryness Remedies

Dryness of skin causes many problems it may affect your physical appearance and confidence in some way.
Dandruff is normal in winters but in people who are suffering from it the whole year, they may be suffering from some disease & need a diagnosis for dandruff Treatment.

Only an expert physician can diagnose the reason behind it may be due to some lack of nutrition or of some other Hormonal/skin conditions.

The other name of Dandruff in Tib is SEBORRHOEA.

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A condition in which white scales of the dead skin are shed by scalp described as Seborrhea Capitol or excessive sebum production of the scalp.

A tiny fungus called Pityrosporum ovale, which constitutes the major part of skin flora causes Dandruff.

These terrible flakes of the dead skin stuck on the shoulder of shirt & there is nothing more embarrassing than brushing off these scales from dark shirts. Seborrhea or Dandruff temporarily can be reduced by taking a shower on a daily basis & by maintaining hygiene.

Sometimes shedding of skin flakes is this much you can clearly see on your shirt. Dandruff leads to pimples, acne & hair loss which ultimately leads to social & mental distress.

Homeopathic Medicine for Dandruff Treatment


SEBORRHEA or DANDRUFF commonly affects men’s population more than women. It starts after puberty & lasts till 40 years of age. with Age it reduces & it doesn’t only affect the hair of head but also nostrils and eyebrows in some persons. More commonly present in people with nervous disorders and Parkinson’s disease.


The following are the reasons which may cause Dandruff or Skin Dryness disease are mentioned below.

  • Poor hygiene.
  • Skin diseases like Eczema, oily scalp, etc.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Use of excessive gels, artificial hair products, and shampoos.
  • Extremely sensitive skin.
  • Excessive use of dyes and bleaches.
  • Physical and mental health issues.
  • Excessive use of heat on hair for styling.
  • A fungus that feeds on oil on the scalp (Malassezia).
  • Poor health.
  • Improper nutrition.
  • Emotional distress
  • Cold weather and indoor use of heaters.

Signs & Symptoms of Dandruff

The followings are the symptoms that help you to find out that you have a dandruff problem. Some major signs of dandruff problem are

  • Itching in head
  • Redness on scalp
  • Skin flakes on eyebrows, beard, mustache, underarms, behind the ears & on other organs.

Is Dandruff Dangerous for Health?

In most cases, you don’t need doctor care but after using anti-dandruff shampoos and your condition is not getting better go see a dermatologist( expert in skin conditions).

Homeopathic Medicine for Dandruff Treatment

There are many Holy Grail medicines in homeopathy, which can cure dandruff and dryness of skin completely.

You can Find a Complete List of Homeopathic Medicines Here.

Some are discussed below with indications and dosage.

1- Arsenicum Album

In weak patients with severe itching & dandruff in hair.  Itching becomes worst at night.


Normally Ars Alb known as Arsenicum Album can be used in 30 Potency. You can use 10 drops 3 times a day by adding in a little water.

2- Bryonia

HOLY GRAIL for dandruff in patients who are suffering from dryness on the whole body. When he/she starts scratching white scales shed off.


Bryonia medicine can be used for dandruff treatment in 30 potency. 10 drops of Bryonia homeopathic medicine in half cup of water thrice a day.

3- Psorinum

Effective medicine in cases where dandruff is present with bad odour.


10 drops of Psorinum 200 medicine twice a day by in 1/4 glass of water.

4- Sanicula

It is effective when to use in combination with other medicines to cure dryness of scalp, eyebrows & allover where the hair is present on the body.


Use Sanicula Homeopathic Remedy in Potency 200x once in a week with other homeopathic medicines for better results.

5- Mezereum

Very effective for the cure of dandruff treatment when it is present with hair loss & extreme itching. Hairs get entangled and scabs are formed on scalp.


In half a cup of water, Ten drops of Mezereum 200 homeopathic medicine can be used in the morning & evening for better results.

6- Phosphorous

Use in feeble patients with severe itching of the scalp and dandruff treatment.


10 drops 2 times a day in ¾ cup of water.

7- Calcarea Sulph

Homeopathic remedy can be used to treat the dandruff problem, when it is yellowish in colour & patient also has a complaint of eczema.


CALCAREA SULF 3X Four tablets 4 times a day.

8- Kali Sulph

When hair loss is due to excess of dandruff, this medicine is considered to be a very effective remedy in these patients.


KALI SULF 6X Biochemic Homeopathic Remedy as 4 tablets 4 time a day.

9- Graphites

Patients having white scaly for dandruff treatment, Graphites homeopathic remedy can be helpful. Eczema, pimples, dry, burning heat sensation & hair loss are advised to use this medicine.


Use GRAPHITES 200 only 10 drops , 2 times daily in ¾ cup of water.

IMPORTANT: In children give half of the adults dosage. All the Homeopathic remedies mentioned above should be used under Homeopathic Doctor's recommendation.