Calcarea Phosphorica: A Guide to Homeopathic Medicine

Calcarea Phosphorica is a Phosphate of Lime. In Homeopathy there are 12 Biochemic Homeopathic Medicines that are cell salts and tissue salts. Calc Phos is one of the most commonly used cell salt.

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Common Names of Calcarea Phos

Calcarea Phosphorica commonly knows as Calc Phos, Calcarea Phos, Calc Phosphorica, Calcium Phosphate, or Calcium Phos.

Important uses of Calc Phos

Calcarea Phosphorica
  • Removes all the problems that come in the days of tooth extraction in children. i.e known as baby teething process. Bioplasgen 21 has also calc phos.
  • For Headaches due to climate change, Calc Phos is very useful.
  • Useful in long-term breastfeeding discomfort.
  • Woman’s Breast Milk becomes salty.
  • Stomach ache occurs whenever he eats food. The stomach looks loose and belly goes inside.
  • Salted meat, packed meat, and the desire to eat smoked meat too.

Common Uses of Calcium Phosphoricum

  • It is useful in children complaining of tooth extraction.
  • In the case of Anemia in any age patient due to any problem.
  • Calcarea Phosphorica Homeopathic Medicine helps to make up blood for the lack of blood in children.
  • Diseases of the bones including Juadinace & TB.
  • Headache due to climate change especially Cold weather changes the pain.
  • Beneficial in students’ Headache Due to study and Stress.
  • The baby’s palate stays open for a long time.
  • The skull bones are soft and smooth.
  • Calc Phos is effective in the pain of the days of extracting teeth under the gills.
  • The desire to eat salted meat, baked meat, and smoked meat every time.
  • Severe irritation of the esophagus, Thirst & Acidity.
  • Stomach pain is severe whenever he eats food.
  • The stomach is loose and the inside is hoarse.
  • Bleeding occurs after bowel movements.
  • Diarrhea after eating juicy fruits and during the days of teething.
  • The stool releases indigestible and foul-smelling air.
  • Chest symptoms and anal fissures change.
  • Pain in the kidneys when clearing the nose or lifting weights.
  • Complaints of breastfeeding and an increase in sexual desire during breastfeeding.
  • Baby does not require Breastfeeding because breast milk tastes salty.
  • Leucorrhea becomes white like the eggs white and increases in the morning.
  • Suffocating cough, relieved by lying down.
  • Pain with a cold gust of wind and the patient feels the pain like the triangular bone is broken.
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Competitive Homeopathic Medicines of Calc Phos

  • Calcarea hypopneas
  • Calcarea Renalis
  • Silicea
  • Psorinum

Supportive Homeopathic Medicines for Calcarea Phos


3X to 12X in Biochemic Otherwise 3 to 30 potency

Duration of Effect

up to 60 days.