Homeopathic Medicine For Fever Treatment

In using the term Fever as applied to an abnormal state of the system it is intended to designate a condition where there are present increased heat of the body, increased frequency of the pulse; elevation of temperature; heat and dryness of the skin and month, with much thirst.

Homeopathic Medicine for Fever Treatment

At the beginning of all acute diseases, fever is generally the first signal of impending illness. In subacute and chronic diseases, fever is often the first and best evidence of acute aggravation, or a threatened relapse. Fever thus early in evidence may be, and often is only symptomatic of what is to follow; yet if suitable remedies are administered early, and a proper diet adopted, the disease may be prevented or if it does follow, it will be in a milder form and of shorter duration. To aid the prescriber in dealing with the first appearance of any illness is my explanation for adding here some few remedies so often useful in the early or febrile stage of the disease.

Fever, with its many causes and classifications, is, in the last analysis, symptomatic of some deeper, underlying cause, which will be considered mainly under the head of special fevers.

Only a few of the most frequently useful remedies are suggested here. Others will appear elsewhere, under the head of specific fevers. From a consideration of the special indications for each remedy, it will be discernible that they each represent a different type of fever which may and naturally does, precede the more fully developed disease. With a moderate amount of discrimination, there need be no confusion. But as for instance, between Aconite and Arsenicum, Aconite Nap and Gelsemium, or any of the other remedies.

The “suitable remedy” to which frequent reference is made, is the one which corresponds closely to the totality of the symptoms and pathological conditions of the case in hand.

Successful prescribing in the early stage or any stage of the disease depends largely upon a close adherence to this method, which in nowise interferes with or underestimates in any way the importance of early diagnosis or the subsequent use of the indicated remedies.

List of Homeopathic Medicines for Treatment of Fever

Fever is the most common disease. It can be due to any reason. But sometimes it is miserable, deadly and even can be ignored sometimes. Following Homeopathic Medicines for Fever Treatment can be used

1- Aconitum Napellus

Very often indicated in the first stage. May be preceded by a chill, from exposure and cold, with sudden checking of perspiration, followed by high fever, feel, rapid pulse, hot dry skin, great thirst, extreme restlessness, and inability to sleep. After taking cold, with impending organic disease, especially pneumonia, pleurisy or croup. After a very few doses of Aconite free perspiration generally follows, the patient becomes quieter, accompanied by general relief of more violent symptoms, after which, if improvement ceases, other remedies, selected according to indications may follow.

2- Arsenicum Album

Corresponds to the fever of lower type than Aconite, and is marked by extreme prostration, especially in gastric and intestinal derangement accompanied by nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. The thirst is marked and peculiar. Constant craving for water but satisfied with very little at a time. The restlessness of the body, changing about from place to place.

3- Belladonna

Somewhat similar to Aconite. Thirst and full pulse less marked than Aconite, with more marked brain symptoms. Throbbing headache, great aversion to noise and light. Skin very hot, face very much flushed, pupils dilated; impending scarlet fever or sore throat of severe type. FollowswellafterAconite, if Aconite fails to relieve.

4- Bryonia

Following exposure and chill. Fever, with severe, sharp pains through the chest and aching of limbs and muscles of the body. Some thirst, but not marked. Great aversion to moving or being moved, which aggravates all pains. This is the opposite of Aconite and Arsenicum. Impending pleurisy, important. Follows well after the use of Aconite.

5- Chamomilla

Fever of children more especially. One cheek red and hot, the other pale. Irritable in extreme with the desire to be carried about. Restless at night, with gastric and intestinal disturbance.

6- Gelsemium

The fever of Gelsemium is less marked by the heat of the surface and thirst than that of Aconite. Often after colds with debility, headache and lameness, and soreness of eyeballs.
Fever with slight thirst, especially with prostration, the characteristic of Gelsemium. Fever with the brain and spinal involvement.
The fever developing during the progress of organic diseases and from other causes, as local inflammation, injuries, etc. will be treated fully under each head.