• October 27, 2021
12 biochemic Homeopathic Tissue Salts

12 Biochemic Homeopathic Medicines-Cell Salts/Tissue Salts

Table of Contents1 What is Biochemic Medicine?2 What are Biochemic Tissue Salts?3 Biochemic Medicines List4 How to Take Biochemic Homeopathic Medicine Dose?4.1 Dose Frequency5 Biochemic Medicine List with Diseases6 Calcium Fluoratum6.1 Uses of Calcium Fluoride7 Calcium Phosphoricum8 Calcium Sulfuricum9 Ferrum Phosphoricum10 Kalium Muriatcum11 Kalium Phosphoricum12 Kalium Sulfuricum13 Magnesium Phosphoricum14 Natrium Muriaticum15 Natrium Phosphoricum16 Natrium Sulfuricum17…

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Homeopathy for Asthma Bronchial

Homeopathic Treatment for Bronchial Asthma

In the patient of asthma bronchial, the small bronchial tubes get swell and shrink. So the patient feels difficulty in breathing. When he breaths out there is a voice of whistle. The patient of asthma bronchial is commonly the victim of difficulty in breathing. Learn More About What is Homeopathy and How it Works. Table of Contents1…

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calcarea fluorica

Calcarea Fluorica Homeopathic Medicine

Calcarea Fluorica is one of the 12 tissue salts known as cell salts too. Calc Flour is Biochemic Homeopathic medicine is used to cure the bone symptoms. It is beneficial for the pain in knees. During the joint pains, this medicine can cure well. Especially when the patient ways to go a lot to pee.…

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Homeopathic EarAche Remedies | EarAche Treatment Homeopathy Guide

Earache is probably the most common disease that can cause the severe effect if it’s ignored. Because an Earache is slightly ignored at the initial stage by most patients. But as the time passes this can be severe and it can cause unbearable pain. Moreover, It will distract you from your work and can disturb your…

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Symphytum Officinale (Comfrey Knitbone)| Homeopathy First Aid Remedy

Symphytum Officinale || Knitbone Homeopathic Remedy

Symphytum Officinale is First Aid Homeopathic Medicine. It helps in healing broken bones. Because of Symphytum as a homeopathic remedy knit bones completely. The word Symphtum is token from the Greek word symphyo, which means “To unite’. The common name of this herb, comfrey, is adopted from the words con firma, which alludes to the uniting…

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Baryta Carb | Uses of Barium Carbonicum

Baryta Carb (Carbonate of Baryta) is also known as Barium Carbonicum. Homeopathic Medicine Baryta Carbonica is mostly given to Children and old aged patients. Table of Contents1 Baryta Carbonica for children2 Barium Carbonicum for Adults3 Baryta Carb for Young age Patients4 Baryta Carbonica Homeopathic Treatment4.1 Common Conditions of Barium Carb Patients4.1.1 The disease becomes worse…

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CLINICAL THERMOMETER – Uses and Misuses of Medical Thermometer

This instrument is indispensable to the physician and surgeon. To the student and layman possessing a reasonable amount of knowledge and discrimination. It is likewise a most valuable aid, for in every case of any importance. Its use will contribute much towards a correct diagnosis and prognosis. Also in treatment where some hours in advance…

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