• September 16, 2021

Homeopathic Medicines For Kidney Stone Pain

Kidney failure and kidney problems can take you to the end of your life. We need to cure kidney problems. Let’s Discuss some Homeopathic medicines for renal colic and calculi.

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Mardana Kamzori ka Ilaj

Mardana Kamzor or Mardana Taqat aj ki Mens Problem Kafi Common ha. That’s why many people need Impotency & erectile dysfunction Treatment. Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is a type of dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain the tightness of the organ during productive activity. Tou aj ma apko Mardana…

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Caladium Seguinum Homeopathic Medicine

Cladium Seg is one of the best homeopathic medicine to use for various causes and symptoms. This medicine might be difficult to understand.

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Pothos Foetidus Homeopathic Meidince For Allergy 1

Pothos Foetidus Homeopathic Meidince For Allergy

Pothos Foetidus is one of the best homeopathic medicines for dust allergy and asthma treatments. Many patients face difficulties due to the different types of allergies. That’s why Pothos Foetidus can work best as a remedy for those patients who have an allergy of any type. If the patient has any type of allergy-like Dust…

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Homeopathic Medicines for Motion Sickness

Travel sickness is very common, It changes the body functions which in turn to different problems. Motion sickness patients offtenly suffer from ¬†Vomiting Nausea Headache Dizziness Vertigo Diarrhoea [su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZDV1pVD594″ autoplay=”yes” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes”] Motion sickness can be treated completely with the help of homeopathic remedies. So, today we will discuss about the 5 homeopathic medicines…

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How to cure with Homeopathy

Diseases Treatment Guidelines in Homeopathy with Homeopathic Medicines

In the Homoeopathic System of Medicine, patients are cured by medicine. But its according to symptoms-similarity of the disease and medicine. Instructions for treatment guideline of any disease is indicated in the famous book Organon of Medicine written by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathic Medicines information as Materia Medica can be accesssed Our following treatment guideline…

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Bradycardia (Heart Palpitation) Homeopathic Treatment

Bradycardia is the condition when you have a slow heart rate than the normal heartbeat. So in this article, I’m going to tell you about what is bradycardia. But before moving on if you are not going to read this article, then you can watch the below video to understand fastly. Normally, the pulse rate…

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