Psoriasis Treatment: Diagnosis & Factors


Psoriasis is a common, chronic skin condition that has a characteristic clinical and histological appearance but has various clinical presentations. The severity of psoriasis ranges from asymptomatic thin localized plaques that are an incidental finding, to widespread generalized plaques. or rarely, complete erythroderma. Severity is often assessed as a total- body surface area (BSA) affected. … Read more



The action of Belladonna on the nervous system, especially the brain and special senses, is very profound producing- active congestion, delirium, and per-version of sight and hearing.

Arsenicum Album Homeopathic Medicine


Arsenicum Album is one of the most used homeopathic medicines. Many Homeopaths also refer to this medicine for the cure of common symptoms of cold, flu & sneezing. Mostly Homeopaths recommend Ars Alb as the precautionary medicine for the corona epidemic situation. In Pakistan & India, Homeopathic Doctors continue giving Arsenic Album Homeopathic remedy as … Read more

Bioplasgen 21 Tablets for Baby Teething


The Bioplasgen 21 Combination of Biochemic Homeopathic Medicines can be used to treat babies who are experiencing teething difficulties and gum problems. Tablets of Bio 21 are used throughout the world for treating different types of illnesses. The homoeopathic tablets Bioplasgen 21 are often prescribed by homeopaths for use on a daily basis. Table of … Read more